An Introduction to Goddess Nikki Kit

A little bit about who I am as a Goddess, and why you should consider submitting your application

Safe Sane And Consensual B.D.S.M.

Before proceeding any further I would appreciate you watching this video whether you are new to the BDSM community or consider yourself to be a seasoned vet. Subscribe to me to see more videos like this about BDSM and Camming.

Beta Appllication

I will NOT read over an application until an initial tribute of AT LEAST $25 is sent.

Send Completed Application to

Blank Beta Application (pdf)


A Walkthrough of the Beta Application

So you have decided to fill out an application and want some guidance.. Here I am!


A Little Bit About Me

Who Are You Devoting Yourself to?

When did I notice My love of Female Domination? 

I am 23 years old, and the truth of the matter is I have controlled men with My beauty for as long as I can remember. I started working in strip clubs at 18, and still do. I always knew I loved money and controlling men, but it wasn't until I was consistently counting out thousands of dollars taken from weak men throughout My work week that I realized something very interesting about Myself; I AM SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO MONEY! Not just any money, MY MONEY. The money I took from helpless men, the money I always deserved more than them! I have never NOT been turned on by counting out 1K I took from weak minded men. Financial Domination is My favorite fetish - and those who share in this fetish catch and keep my attention. It feels like paying tribute to apologize for all of the "men" out there who don't offer a woman the proper respect that she deserves.

Aside From the Money, What do I love about FemDom?

I genuinely believe that I not only help my subs blossom into the best submissives that they can be, but also in the process help them to improve themselves as humans.

As a woman, when we are young we are taught that boys are dirty, and that they will say or do anything to get in your pants. They will lie, cheat, beg, or even just take it if they feel entitled. I truly do believe that when it comes to sex, and behavior towards women in general, men have a tendency to behave like absolute animals! It disgusts me the way that some men feel entitled to a woman's body simply because she has one.  Female Domination in the strip club put me in a place of power I had never encountered before, and I was addicted. 

Now I use men's pursuit of women and sex to train them to be better submissives, and in turn better men who could serve a purpose. The fact that men will do anything to get My attention and make Me live the life of royalty brings Me great satisfaction. I thrive on the attention and worship of others. I love molding people into better versions of themselves so they can better serve Me, as well as themselves. A sub who is worthless to himself is worthless to Me.

How I would Describe Myself as a Goddess

I consider Myself to be a "Spoiled Brat" Goddess, loving fancy and expensive gifts. (These can be found on the "Spoil Me" Page). As I have described, I love taunting and teasing men, especially with their glaring life failures, and punishing them however I decide is best. Naturally I consider Myself to be a Kinder Goddess who knows what she wants and how to get it. I appreciate a sub who makes efforts to better themselves and better their servitude. I have a very short attention span, so please know that if you are not amusing Me you are irritating Me. I want to be spoiled, pampered, worshipped, and adored. I can be bright and bubbly as a Spoiled Brat Princess who taunts you (my natural state), or a cruel mistress who forces you to do unspeakable things for her, I truly do enjoy both, as well as all play in between. This is why communication is VITAL and lack thereof is a major turn off. 

I value and cater to long term Dom / Sub relationships.

I truly do believe that any loser does NOT deserve a beautiful woman like Me, and should have to work really hard to even get noticed. Maybe through servitude and training one day you MIGHT be able to improve yourself as a man. I DONT give men My attention unless there is something in it for Me, so what do you have to offer to your Goddess? I really do enjoy humiliating those who feel they need to be humiliated. I enjoy all of the Fetishes that I participate in. From light play to EXTREME play, there are plenty of ways for us to have fun.

Some Rules

My Hard Limits

Please observe My hard limits before requesting a private session.

  • No Piss (from me) / Scat (at all)
  • No Cigarette Smoking (For Me)
  • No Pet Names (For Me)
  • No Spit Play
  • No Real BlackMail
  • No Real Home Wrecking
  • No Blood / Needle Play
  • No Treating Me as a Submissive
  • No Forced Hard Drug Intoxication
  • No Gay / Racial Humiliation
  • No illegal public exposure

Take me private

Payment Methods

I only accept payments for any privates through adult websites, as this is the only way to be certain the payment cannot be reversed. However tips, tributes, and gifts are encouraged.

Spoil Me


Respect your position in this relationship. I do not have any "free time." Respect My time, and know My time is money. My biggest turn off is disrespect.

So You want to be Dominated by Me?


Some (not all!) of my Fetishes

Female Dominance, Financial Domination, Sissification, Small Penis Humiliation, Virgin Humiliation, Really all forms of Humiliation, Teasing, Jerk Off Instructions, Cum Eating Instructions, Coerced Bi, Cock and Ball Torture, Homewrecker, Black Mail Fantasy, Body Worship, Giving Tasks, and more!

What I Expect of My Subs

  • Honesty and good communication
  • Tribute as often / as much as you can, sacrifice is important!
  • Not being needy, understand My time is money, if you NEED my attention, PAY for it!
  • Spending time in my live chat rooms, tipping and keeping conversation flowing.
  • ONLY address Me as Miss, Goddess, or Ma'am at all times, and every time you address Me. 
  • Have proper manners. Always say please and thank you.
  • This relationship is about what I want, not you. If you are only concerned with your wants and needs, and not Mine, I will put you off as a selfish sub and you will be dismissed.

How to Introduce Yourself

I understand that no two people are alike, so tell me about yourself! Even if you only see yourself wanting to do a private once a month, it would be easier for Me to have this on file for the both of us.

Send an Initial Tribute of $25 via any of My clipsites that I use (iWantClips preferred) and fill out a beta application (Available for download above) - We will discuss My expectations for you as well as My hopes / intentions for the relationship.

I am Picky

Many people approach Me wanting to be "owned." I am generally annoyed or not impressed. Ownership is given after time, once your loyalty. consistency, communication, and willingness to sacrifice has been proven. You must be an asset to My life, or you will be released. Make Me WANT to own you through following the rules, tributing often, and make your servitude valuable or I WILL forget your name. 

How do we play?

I can accommodate your needs in My live chat rooms, and play in private where I can be assured I am being compensated per second. OR there is fun to be had in the public chat rooms as well. I also play via my Premium Snapchat. 

But I must see you now Goddess Nikki!

Not to worry, if I am not available to play right now, I have several pre recorded content clips available, and am constantly making more! 

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