there are so many ways to get the most out of your time with me

When to Look for Me live on myfreecams


Username: MissNikkiMFC

There are also lots of delicious treats for you to purchase on My MFC Share.

- Clips for Sale

- Photos For Sale

- Raffle Tickets

- And More!


Live Camming Schedule (EST)

Sunday: Privates Upon Request 

Monday: Streaming when I can

Tuesday: Streaming when I can

Wednesday: No Camming

Thursday: Privates Upon Request

Friday: Streaming when I can

Saturday: Streaming when I can

(Check Twitter for all updates!)

Join my live chatroom

Check for Me from 8am - 3am EST!

I am going to be making Myself available live as much as possible in the coming weeks for people to ask questions, buy private sessions, tribute, and worship.

When I am live online that is the time to come ask Me questions about services or FemDom in general!

Yes, talking about Female Domination or asking questions about My services for clarification is free. However, if you try to get Me to engage in your fetish with you, or expect Me to discuss this with you privately, that is when you will be requested to take Me private or discontinue the conversation.

Live Chat Room / private show Rules

Do ANY of the following at your own risk - You will be PERMANENTLY BANNED

  • IF you are Rude, Demanding, Degrading, Or Offensive in any way 
  • Use of words B*tch, C*nt, Wh*re, Sl*t or anything similar
  • Keep dirty talk in tipnotes, I may appreciate it, chances are others will not.
  • Asking for anything for free, trying to trick me into doing something for free.
  • I ONLY Accept Payments via camsites for any services.
  • No nicknames please, Nikki, Miss, Ma'am, and Goddess are fine!
  • DO NOT CALL ME Babe, Baby, BB, BBE, Honey, Sweetie - It makes we want to VOMIT!



Live one on one Femdom Play Time is better for those who have submitted a profile to Me.

Profiles for both fetishists and subs available.

Your application, once accepted, becomes your profile that serves as My consent to give you both pain and pleasure, but also the parameters I will be operating within.

Buy an application

My Hard Limits

  • No Piss / Scat
  • No Cigarette Smoking (For Me)
  • No Pet Names (For Me)
  • No Spit Play (Either Way - I dont want to see it)
  • No Anal Play (For Me)
  • No Real BlackMail
  • No Real Home Wrecking
  • No Blood / Needle Play
  • No Treating Me as a Submissive
  • No Forced Opiate / Hard Drug Intoxication

What's in my closet...

Props I have

  • Paddle
  • Flogger
  • Chastity Device & Keys
  • Small Dildo
  • Large Dildo
  • X Large Dildo
  • Black Dildo
  • Strap on Device

Outfits / Articles of Clothing

  • School Girl Outfit
  • Fishnets
  • Pantyhose
  • Thigh High Socks
  • Matching Bras & Panties
  • Lace Teddies
  • Silk Lingerie
  • Sexy Bathrobes 
  • Sexy Skin Tight Dresses
  • Pumps
  • Stripper Heels
  • Thigh High Leather Heel Boots (+ Additional Tip)
  • Jeans
  • Yoga Pants
  • Athletic Clothing
  • Shiny Bikinis

Customizing Your Experience

I am more than happy to do everything in My power and comfort zone to make your fantasy become a reality.

But please know that the more complicated your requests are, the more time consuming it is for Me get ready.

The base price of private shows only covers the time we are face to face. You may be prompted by Me to tip on top of that price to make up for My time.

Don't ask Me how much. Just tip to show your appreciation of all that goes into making your fantasies come true.

Book a skype session

Unfortunately due to freeloaders, I will have to charge for prior discussion of what exactly you want your session to consist of beyond "yes" or "no" answers.

Session MUST be booked at least 6 hours in advance. Time slot not confirmed until payment is confirmed. Again, thank the time wasters.