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I love what I do, and appreciate all of My fans and supporters! 

To New Subs, Welcome! | To My Pets, Welcome Back!

There have been many updates that I have made to the website!

There's a wealth of information I have taken the time to provide for you here. 

So, take your time, look around! 

Learn a lot about Me, something about BDSM, and maybe something new about yourself. Isn't learning from Me why you are really here?


NEW separate and different profiles for fetishists and subs!

They deserve separation

If you want to engage in the best possible personalized private sessions and interactions with Me you need to fill one out.

There is information on which profile is best for you to create on My page dedicated to providing you with free BDSM info.

Everybody deserves the personalized attention that they both want and can afford. Detailed information on My intro page.

The forms are filled out online and consist of multiple choice and short answer, with a couple extended response questions, all about your wants, needs, likes and dislikes! It's your fantasy after all!

**You will NEED to provide Me with a content platform to send you the link AFTER you have sent payment**

Learn more

Get the short term Experience you Want / Need from Me!


Not interested in true submission? Don't have the time for all that comes with it right now? This is the profile for you.

You will outline all of your fetishes and fantasies that you hope to engage in with Me, as well as other basic info.

Everyone comes and go as they pleases, 

but your sessions are very personalized.

Buy a fetish profile - $10

Work Towards Long Term Submission to Me that meets your needs!


This will allow you to define the terms of your potential future Domme / sub relationship with Me.

Submitting this application does NOT mean that you are owned by Me, but it lets Me know that that is your end goal, and begins the journey!

Ownership is granted when I feel the time is right, 

and it involves consistent sacrifice and servitude.

buy a sub application - $25

The perfect female domination clip!

Fill out the FREE survey today!

It is 10 multiple choice questions about what you want to see most in femdom clips.

Both people who pay for their porn and those who do not are invited to fill it out, as long as they answer the questions honestly.

The data collected is being used to bring you more of the clips that you want see!

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